Partners representing five countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Spain - CREA, Spain - FEUP and Slovenia) will join their forces in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • experience and expertise of four partner countries will be shared and know-how related to the promotion of adult education and lifelong learning will be transferred to the fifth partner country;

  • frameworks for planning and implementing national LLWs, evaluating their impacts and disseminating their results will be established and strengthened;

  • national celebrations of learning will be organised and a collective event will take place in Spain (2003);

  • high-quality informative and promotional material and services, mainly web-based will be produced and disseminated;

  • results will be disseminated nationally and internationally;

  • cross-country as well as national networks for the promotion of the ‘lifelong learning for all’ strategy will be established, thus creating partnerships which will be able to continue their mission well beyond the project's lifetime.

Consequently, endeavours towards widening and strengthening the European dimension of the LLW movement will develop advocacy tools for promoting and raising the profile of adult education and lifelong learning in participating countries and broader. This will have an important impact on the democratisation and popularisation of adult education, civil society participation on the whole and the establishment of a culture of mutual understanding. Additionally, it will affect strategies and policies of adult education and lifelong learning in Europe.



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