Who are we?
The project Widening and Strengthening the European Dimension of the Lifelong Learning Week Movement is an endeavour to continue the implementation of the EU policy in the field of lifelong learning. Concrete objectives of the project are:

  • the sharing of accumulated experience and expertise of some partner countries (SI, DE, RO and BG) and the transfer of know-how related to the promotion of adult education and lifelong learning to some partner countries (ES, BG, RO);

  • the establishment of national frameworks for planning and carrying out national Lifelong Learning Weeks (LLWs), evaluating their impacts and disseminating their results;

  • the organisation of national celebrations of learning and of one collective event (ES);

  • the production and dissemination of high-quality informative and promotional material and services, mainly web-based;

  • the establishment of cross-country as well as national networks for the promotion of the ‘lifelong learning for all’ strategy, thus creating partnerships which will be able to continue their mission well beyond the project's lifetime, and disseminating its results nationally and internationally.

Working together will result in implemented LLW ‘s as an advocacy tools for promoting and raising the profile of adult education and lifelong learning in participating countries, establishment of mutual understanding and partnerships as well as initiating changes in policies of adult education and lifelong learning. Thus, the EU concept for lifelong learning will be put into practice.
These aims are a great challenge to all participating institutions, not only because of the cultural, but also because of the economic differences. Partners from five countries rely on their experience and competence in order to assure the success of their initiative:

  • Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE), Ljubljana, Slovenia;

  • Federation of Societies for Spread of Knowledge (FSSK »Znanie«), Sofia, Bulgaria;

  • Institute for International Co-operation of the German Adult Education Association (IIZ/DVV), Bonn, Germany;

  • University of Barcelona, Centre for Social and Educational Research (CREA), Barcelona, Spain;

  • Spanish federation of popular universities (FEUP), Madrid, Spain;

  • The National Association of the Regional Centre for Adult Education (AN CZEA), Arad, Romania;

The working area of the above mentioned organizations is in close connection with adult education and so their participation in this project contributes to the widening and strengthening the European dimension of the lifelong learning.
The purpose of the e-bulletin is to promote our project, introduce news, important events and publications related to the Lifelong Learning Weeks’ Movement. The e-bulletin gives all interested readers the opportunity to inquire about the progress and outcomes of our project, presents different facts on the history of Lifelong Learning Weeks and the most important EU documents in the field of Lifelong Learning. It also provides information on Adult Education, Learning Festivals, and different researches in the field of Lifelong Learning.


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